Feb. 16th, 2011

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  • 00:54:59: Cheesy movie fun tonight - first off, The Sorcerer's Apprenctice. Nick Cage, 'nuff said. "The Prime Merlinean"?!? WTF? Seriously? *LOL*
  • 01:11:00: Okay, at least there's a Tesla Coil.. and Alfred Molina. This bodes well. :)
  • 01:48:33: Ok, this movie doesn't take itself too seriously. Just upped it's "fun" level a notch. The Star Wars ref was priceless. XD
  • 01:50:35: Oh, and there's the inevitable "Sorcerer's Apprentice" runaway mop scene. *snerk*
  • 02:59:07: Watching a Polish fantasy film that was made in 2001 but looks like a grainy 80's cheese-fest. :)
  • 03:42:41: Yay mood shifts. Angry & upset. Going to bed now to sleep it off before I say anything stupid.
  • 04:13:35: You may have to give up trying to get clarity today, for menta... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 04:34:33: Yeeeaah. Fuck it all. I'm done with this.
  • 06:21:22: Beginning to wonder if I should've just stayed home in IL after all.
  • 17:13:27: o/~ I'd rather die than give you control. o/~
  • 17:16:04: I may not have had much of a life before, but I had it and it was mine. Feels like I don't have anything now.
  • 19:55:31: At the clinic.. Hopefully can get my hrt scrips taken care of today.
  • 19:56:48: I'm at Southwest Community center (6820 Southwest 45th Avenue, Portland) http://4sq.com/eBVoAu
  • 21:49:57: *cries*
  • 22:00:47: Nurse stuck me twice, once in hand - couldn't find a vein.. Hurting bad.
  • 23:16:50: This is why I'm in pain.. http://plixi.com/p/77738529
  • 23:38:09: Well, for all that I put up with today, at least I got my HRT scrips refilled for a 3 month supply. Guess it was worth it.

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