Jan. 23rd, 2011

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  • 00:59:32: I'm at Shari's (13645 NW Cornell Rd, Portland) http://4sq.com/hos3pv
  • 03:27:35: Back home, looking at clips from the Goonies & I can totally see where I was today. XD
  • 03:58:24: Picked this up tonight for $5.00 - http://is.gd/bbfo1k My first Naschy, + Bad Taste on DVD as well! Hey, for $5? Why the hell not?
  • 04:08:01: Side-by-Side of a screencap & a shot of me in the same location. :) http://twitpic.com/3sa7y5
  • 04:11:46: Picked up the complete "Record of Lodoss War" DVD set used tonight for $24.00 - couldn't pass it up. :D
  • 04:34:36: You are moody now that the Moon is back in your sign. It's as ... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 14:27:52: RT @tcmschedule: 4:00pm: Jason And The Argonauts (1963) http://imdb.to/4yHacy, 6:00pm: Scaramouche (1952) http://imdb.to/9Ps5AX, 8:00pm: ...
  • 17:44:45: Watching the pilot ep of "The Cape." Ernie Hudson, Vinnie Jones as your gimmicky heavy, & Summer Glau as the "Oracle" char.. Good start! :D
  • 17:49:12: Kinda like "Birds of Prey" with some testosterone.. Already worried it'll be cancelled 'cos I'm digging it.
  • 18:27:15: Dude, Summer Glau is even hotter than ever in this show. GORRAM. XD
  • 18:50:39: Keith David in the cape.. OMG. So glad he's working again. Now I *really* want this show to succeed.
  • 18:59:49: Spacehunter - is it really this dark and muddy of a movie or is the VHS really just this bad? Yeesh.
  • 19:12:30: Yay, Molly Ringwald at her youngest & most annoying.. The Bad Guy's hideout looks like Deep Thirteen. Where's Dr. Forrester & TV's Frank?
  • 19:17:33: This is like a Mystery Science Theater Movie.. without the funny.
  • 19:21:44: Dude, Winston Zeddemore's bald, armed, and pissed off. XD
  • 19:25:40: So far, we've had Ernie Hudson, and an uncredited Harold Ramis voiceover.. It's an Ice Pirates/Ghostbusters/Mad Max mashup! XD
  • 19:26:33: With a little 16 Candles thrown into the blender too. It's Breakfast Club meets Star Wars..
  • 19:32:31: It's the attack of Jabba the Hutt's illegitimate children! Aieeee!
  • 19:35:34: Ahhh, early 80's sci-fi.. when you didn't need a story or any sense. Just lots of makeup and special fx and props. How I miss you.
  • 19:43:53: Every 20 minutes, we have Molly whining, & Ernie being sardonic. Wash, rinse, repeat.
  • 19:47:56: Ceepy mutated alien space babies chanting "Mama" over & over in a high pitched drone while throwing grenades. This film has everything.
  • 19:52:12: There's the inevitable Thunderdome Gladiator Combat ripoff.. :D
  • 20:04:21: "You said you'd let me go!" "I LIED." Oh, classic Villainy, you're the best.
  • 22:20:22: Not sure who my @ggtmc Kringler was, but Screener copy of Incubus w/ Shatner? AWESOME. Thank You! :D
  • 23:03:24: Wow.. *shakes head*

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