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I gotta agree with [ profile] mestopho on this one - Just ONE?!? Pfbbbbbtttt...

1. Kaylee Frye.
2. Inara Serra
3. Luna Lovegood
4. Akane Tendo (If she didn't beat the crap out of me)
5. Willow Rosenberg (Cute Dorky Computer Geek Willow, or BDSM Dopplegangland Willow, less so annoying dyke-ey Willow post-Tara)
6. Violet Baudelaire (once she's older)
7. Wednesday Addams
8. Rally Vincent

No really, do I gotta explain -ANY- of these? C'mon. If you know me at all, these should all make sense.
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This is the easiest answer ever, and I guarantee there's probably thousands who immediately thought of this:

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Chris Farley.. John Candy too, but not as much as Chris Farley..

Friends and family both often commented how my energy and comedy style often were very similar in nature to Chris Farley, and I often thought of him as a kindred spirit of the goofy fat guy making people laugh. I often think of John Candy that way too.. I'm often amazed and amused by what comedians will do to make people laugh and entertain -- Comedians easily go in drag, wear funny outfits, get dirty, get nasty, just about anything you can think of.. all for the entertainment. In my mind, they're the fearless ones, willing to do almost anything.

Chris Farley's death was a huge blow to me. I'm sure if I'd been old enough, John Belushi's death would've hurt even worse.
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Definitely MST3k and Firefly. Star Trek TNG as well. Also a big fan of Brisco County Jr. and Jack of All Trades.

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