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The boogeyman is real.

April 20, 1999, and for years after that, the boogeyman wore black trenchcoats.

April 18, 2007, the boogeyman wears a wig, skirt, and high heels.

(Looking back, I guess there's been other boogeymen.. ones with pink triangles, or yellow stars, or painted faces or darker skin. And yet, we've learned nothing apparently.)

Man in wig, skirt spurs Cranbrook lockdown

Web-posted Apr 18, 2007

Of The Oakland Press

Only a day after students at Virginia Tech were locked in classrooms
as a gunman killed 32 of their classmates, Cranbrook Schools in
Bloomfield Hills went into lockdown Monday morning after parents
reported seeing a suspicious man dressed as a woman near a campus bus

Police described a white male about 6 feet tall, wearing a gray or
blond wig, lipstick, a flowered skirt, a dark coat and high heels.

Parents first spotted the man standing near the Kingswood School
parking lot around 7:50 a.m., school officials said.

"He was walking up the lot toward Kingswood School," said Lt. Paul
Myszenski with the Bloomfield Hills Department of Public Safety.

While he was not observed doing anything illegal, authorities decided
to lock down schools after 8 a.m. Students were told to sit in their
classrooms with lights off as police did a room-byroom search.

I don't even know -where- to begin with the fear and anger I feel over this.
I still remember the fury and rage I felt after the Columbine Massacre.. and
I was one of those afore-mentioned "Trenchcoat" wearers. Will I have to be afraid
of gender identity now?

So this person was suspicious? Why? For being there? Or for being dressed in
women's clothing? What made this person suspicious? They specifically point out that
the person was doing -nothing- wrong or illegal, yet somehow this person is suspicious
and dangerous? And WTF does this have to do with Virginia Tech???


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