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Okay, ironically, this has -not- shown up on any of my LJ Steampunk communities (yet!) that I know of.. it's just something really cool [ profile] shelleybear found. But yet.. So incredibly steamy and awesome! (And considering at one point steam comes out of it.. well.. oh yeah.)

Plus, it's an all time favorite song -- Ghost Riders (in the sky). Just watch. Trust me.

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Okay, so it doesn't fix everything.. but the timing helps -- A package came today of stuff I'd bought from another [ profile] fatshionista member. Somehow, I was able to see two items they had for sale and mentally put them together and realize "Wow, that'd be great as a steampunk outfit for RCFM with my brown suede skirt!" Seeing as I've been having difficulty trying to figure out steamy outfits that aren't of the tomboyish-mechanic variety. ;)

So.. a preview.. Sabrina's RCFM Steampunk Outfit! (First draft, sans all adornments)

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Okay.. as everyone knows, I'm obsessing over steampunk lately. (and hopefully for a long time.. as I don't want to cycle out of this one..)

Anyways, while doing my obsessive webcrawling for Steampunk media, I came across my new favorite band.. Abney Park. Gorgeous website, costumes, videos, etc.. If I were a musician, I'd want to do the same thing. As it is, I want to do this with -film-.

Anyways, I found a video of my favorite song from Abney Park on youtube, which I have to share. And then I searched the lyrics, and realized -exactly- why this is SO Appropriate.

The Wrong Side
Lyrics By
Robert Brown

I live on the wrong side of life,
I’m the one you fear as you hold your wife.
I run were the darker crowds run.
On the rain swept streets were black rain runs.

I play were the darker kids play
I’m the one who goes out when you end your day.
I dance were the darker crowds dance,
In the pitch black clubs in a clove stained trance

I see things the darker kids see
Though you wouldn’t believe all that’s happened to me.
I’ve been to the backside of hell,
And I’ve played with your fear and enjoyed it well

This our time, the nights our day
We ’ll dance this fading life away.

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