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Well, it's been a veeeeerrry long time for me.. but recent events (I found and joined Second Life, other friends who have been expressing their femme sides more, etc..) have caused my femme side to re-emerge, in a big way. Or, as I like to think of it.. She decided she'd been hidden away for far too long and started screaming rather loudly in my ear.

I'm (pick a label) CD, TG, etc..

I stopped expressing my femme side years ago because the one outlet I had where I felt comfortable, safe, and accepted en femme disappeared. It's been probably 5 years or more since I've actually done femme.. but I can't deny that part of me. (Okay, also the furry parts too, a little bit..)

However, now that I'm older, I have more resources, funds, etc. I also have the means of giving my femme side her own identity online, which I've done. Some of the old associations, though, I didn't want to keep. My original femme name originally started out as a joke related to the first time I went out on Halloween to pass: "Stacey the Stereotypical Goth Girl(tm)." I decided that I'm not Stacey. So I found a new name.

I'm Sabrina. (Don't ask.)

Sabrina now has an ebay account, a livejournal, and an aim screename. both the aim screename and livejournal name are the same: [ profile] sabrinageek. I hope to start posting more from Sabrina's perspective as time goes on, and maybe write about some of my experiences. I'm long out of practice in dressing up, and it'll be an interesting journey to start back up again, and put the pantyhose on, as it were. But like everyone else, it's still one leg at a time.

So, once again, welcome to the long strange journey..

[Edit: this is a custom friends group of people on my friends list I feel are most likely to be open/accepting of this aspect of my life. However, if you wish to be on [ profile] sabrinageek's friends list, or if you wish to not hear about this part of my life, please feel free to comment/pm/email me and let me know either way. Thank you!]

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