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So a few days ago [ profile] sanjikrhys tells me the DVD player has stopped working.

Yesterday I finally was able to take a look at it. I powered it up; it tried to spin the disc up but wouldn't play. It wouldn't eject the tray. It wouldn't even move. Okay, something definitely stuck or lodged. Hrmm..

So I take the lid off. I power it up. It tries to spin the disc but can't. I spin the disc manually and it comes free and spins, but I can see it hitting something. Okay, is the disc warped? Cracked? Hrmm. So I get the tray to eject and I pull the disc out and examine it.

I wish I'd taken a picture, but you'll just have to suffice with an explanation.

You think anti-piracy labels are annoying on CD Cover art? Or those RFID tags that ruin CD art?

Someone, somehow, thought it a good idea to place an RFID anti-theft retail tag on the DVD.
on the DATA SURFACE. It was hitting the laser mech on the DVD player and causing the disc to lodge.

Y'know, one of those tags that would go off if you tried to walk out of the store with it?

It was ordered from AMAZON. (What, the Amazon folks are gonna put it through the anti-theft scanners before they box it up and ship out to us?)

So I put another disc in the player, and, relieved, find that it's none the worse for wear. Thank goodness. I peel the RFID tag off the disc. Put it in the player and it boots up to the menu. I may have to clean it, and hope it isn't terribly scratched.. so it should be okay.. but still.

I know copyright protection's big, and I know anti-theft is big, but when the anti-theft measure DAMAGES my purchase, and potentially damages my home equipment, that's when it's going too far. Just sayin'.

Fuckin' ridiculous. Where's Foamy the Squirrel when I need him?

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