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So.. Big changes coming.. I don't feel like a failure anymore in the job arena.

I was asked to cross-train in another area along with some other folks from my area. We were hand-picked to do this as being the best representatives in our areas by the big boss lady.

After almost 2 weeks of training in this new area, we realized that this new job is much less stressful, much easier, and much more laid-back than our original jobs. Coincidentally, openings for said jobs also came at the same time.

I applied, interviewed, and will be offered a new position, laterally, at work.

The Pros and Cons?

It's 2nd Shift. I'd be working 10a-7p Sundays, and Noon-9pm Mon-Thurs. But I'd have Fridays and Saturdays off. Somehow that seems better than having Sundays and Mondays off. I might actually be able to socialize with folks, on a Friday night or Saturday. However, funky scheduling means less time with the wife, dual commute, etc.

It's 2nd Shift. It's eligible for Shift Bonus, meaning I get 10% added to my base hourly pay just for working nights. That's an automatic raise of not-insubstatial proportions.

More Money. Besides the afore-mentioned shift pay, the hiring manager said she'd try to get me a raise in base hourly pay as well as the 10% shift pay. Again, woot!

Also, like I said.. much less stressful, much more in-tune with my abilities and what I like/want to be doing, the days seem to go by quicker, and I have less contact with people. Also, the new area is so much more incredibly laid back, and not so uptight!

So, about that failure thing? Well, I used to have this magic number in my head. This magic number of 30,000. That's what I wanted to be making by the time I was 30. As long as I could be making 30k a year, I figured my education wasn't a waste, and all the fuckups I did getting through college in the first place weren't dealbreakers for life. I know I'm not gonna be making the big money like other friends or my dad or Rach's dad. I can accept that I won't be making 60-100k anytime soon; But after working the last 5-6 years or so stuck at 20k/year, and getting no promotions, shit raises, and losing money through insurance costs rising and raises not being enough to cover the cost increases.. I was beginning to feel stuck, dead-end loserville.

Taking the job after Bacon's bumped me up halfway there; this lateral move will put me within spitting distance -- I won't be making $30k by the time I'm 30.. But I'm close enough (between 26-28k depending on how you calculate it out) that I feel like I've made progress -- I'm moving forward, I'm good at what I do, and I'm being appreciated for it.

It's a good feeling, one I've waited for for a very long time, and all I can say is that it's about time, damnit!

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