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Okay.. Tonight I finally got to prove something to myself that I've suspected for quite some time --

Having watched the Anime Series Bubblegum Crisis (original 1987 version, not 2040), I noticed that the opening of the very first episode, a concert starring Priss & The Replicants seemed very familiar in style.. I was quickly able to place the familiarity.. one of my favorite cheesy 80's movies: Streets of Fire with Michael Pare' and Willem Dafoe (et al.).. So I was able to load up the first episode of BGC tonight, as well as the opening of Streets of Fire (thanks Youtube!) and play both opening scenes side-by-side. And to my amazement, confirmed what I had suspected all these years.. that the design team for Bubblegum Crisis used the first scene of BGC as an homage to Streets of Fire.. lifting entire sequences, dance moves, lighting, and so forth from the former.. Hell, what originally triggered me to the similarities was that I noticed that Priss and Ellen Aim's outfits were markably similar in style and look..

And then I pulled up IMDB for BubbleGum Crisis:

"In 'Tinsel City' AKA 'Bubblegum Crisis Episode One', the 'Konya Wa Hurricane' sequence at the club is a homage to Streets Of Fire (1984). The dance moves and the music is performed exactly the same way in the first 10 minutes of the Movie. And this movie, as well as Bubblegum Crisis, both feature characters named 'Raven'; additionally, Bubblegum Crisis has a character named "Madigan", while Amy Madigan is a featured performer in Streets Of Fire."

I'm not sure if I'm upset that I'm not the first to notice it, or if I feel vindicated that someone else out there noticed and that I'm not entirely crazy. (And that I'm not the only one who wastes time thinking about these things.)

Such is the life of the Media Geek -- However, if you'd like to see for yourself..

Streets of Fire:

BGC - Konya Wa Hurricane:

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