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Still no full detail con report, but I will give you folks a shorthand summation of this wonderful weekend via my Lessons Learned:

1.) A Riding Crop is the BEST Costume Accesory Ever.
a.) Riding Crops also are much better than alcohol for "Instant Confidence."
2.) If you don't ask, you don't receive - even from the deities. Remember to ASK them more often.
3.) Corsets can give ANYONE amazing cleavage. Even me.
a.) I now know what it is like to be ogled and groped and felt up while wearing a corset like any other woman in a corset.
b.) I -LIKE- it. XD
4.) Wearing a corset and sitting in a corset takes talent and skill.
a.) I now want a corset even more than before - it does amazing things for my posture.
5.) Having a corset unlaced -after- a day of wearing does indeed induce a "Corset-gasm."
6.) Conventions that have FREE Alcohol in the Con Suite are the BEST KIND.
a.) Especially when they have Woodchuck Hard Cider. NOM.
7.) I have not yet experienced everything in this world - I can still occasionally do something for the FIRST TIME.
8.) It's never too late to change your mind about something you thought you knew about yourself.
9.) Do not be afraid of Guests of Honor - they are normal people too, frequently awesome, and will laugh at your jokes.
a.) Remember, you've been a GoH yourself, and some of your friends are too. Keep perspective.
10.) I apparently blend/pass much better than I realize - New friends this weekend did not realize I was trans until told.
11.) Having natural estrogen-induced and corset-enhanced cleavage makes other transwomen jealous.
12.) Apparently people -do- think I'm attractive. I often forget this and need to be reminded.
a.) This includes both women and men finding me attractive. Also a shocker.
13.) Occasionally, I do find men I'm attracted to. I also forget this on occasion.
14.) I've radically altered my outlook on life this year and rejected most of the social norms and mores my parents raised me with. I need to remember this when clinging to other social norms that I don't have any rational reason for believing in; I need to be ready to abandon ideas and beliefs that I have only because they are what I was raised with or are familiar to me. Make sure my beliefs are my own, not my parents'.
16.) I was right, it's easier to date/flirt/be confident socially IN REAL LIFE.'
17.) Being transgendered is NOT always a dealbreaker to people.
18.) Friday the 13th is not Unlucky - In fact, it may be my new lucky day!
19.) I need to explore new conventions more often. I forgot how much fun and how necessary cons are to my mental health and socialization.

ETA: The Musical Lesson of the Convention: The Rolling Stones - You can't always get what you want

"You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you may find, you get what you NEED."

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