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So.. had an interesting Sunday. A friend, Varadon, [ profile] samiitiger and I had made plans to go shooting at a gun range nearby; I haven't gone shooting in about 10 years, although I used to shoot with my family back then. Because it's winter and cold, and going to a gun range, I was dressed a lot more butch than I normally dress - work boots, black trenchcoat, and black stocking hat with an embroidered skull & crossbones on it.

On our way to the range, we needed to stop at the local Farm/Fleet store to pick up some extra earplugs, raid the snack aisle, etc.

As we headed out, I got called to an empty register by a rather attractive cashier. As she was ringing me out, she noticed my purse, which I have covered in buttons and pins, which she started oohing over and asked to see - I put my purse on the counter for her to look at, and she pointed out that she really liked my "Chick with brains" pin, and we talked about me collecting buttons. I'm a bit slow on the uptake, I think due to leftover testosterone in my system, and so it wasn't until I was leaving her register that she called out "You better come back to see me and show me the rest of your collection!" that I realized she was flirting with me. *FACEPALM* Varadon heard this, and we just kind of grinned at the same time at each other (I would've talked myself out of believing I'd been flirted with if it weren't for the fact that someone else confirmed it.)

Then, like an idiot, I walked out of the store.

I've always wondered what the etiquette is around flirting with someone who is on the job at stores. I've always heard that it's poor taste if you, as the customer, is the one initiating it, and that you shouldn't do so - so I've never flirted with cute cashiers at stores at all.

But what's the etiquette if the cashier is hitting on you? Varadon, [ profile] samiitiger and my friends on facebook seem to think I was foolish for not offering her my phone number right then and there; of course, part of that is my obliviousness combined with self-doubt (She can't really be FLIRTING with ME..) that causes a delayed response time, but still. I suppose if it's the employee who initiates the flirting, it's okay to reciprocate, right? Plus, I sometimes worry that it's not genuine; like waitresses who flirt with you for better tips, people at Ren Faires who flirt with you to try to get a sale, etc. I tend to be cynical and doubtful and mis-trusting of displays like that, which also leads to the self-doubt of "She's not flirting with me." But in this case, it was a cashier at a retail store. She's not getting a tip, she's not talking me into buying another Slim Jim or Diet Mtn. Dew, she's just flirting and being friendly. I want to.. have to believe it was genuine.

And of course, it amuses me, because I wasn't prettied up or anything; I was kinda butched out (but not overtly masculine looking - bonus, I still look like a girl now even when dressed butch!) but that's not my normal presentation.. It certainly does make me wonder about presentation and wonder what having a more butch presentation would do for me (which is beyond ironic since it never worked when I was male!) XD

The whole thing totally caught me off guard; of course, it also put a smile on my face all day, too. As we were walking back to the car out in the parking lot, we spotted what was suspect was her car due to the prominently placed equal sign HRC sticker on the back. :D

So.. since she said I'd better come back to see her, everyone thinks I should go back there this weekend (hoping she has the same schedule) and see what happens. I'm inclined to agree. I'm even thinking of taking her a button from my collection.

I swear, I'm so lame when it comes to this stuff.

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