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I've often joked with my friends about my childhood experiences and how they shape who I am today --

as an example, I've often pointed out just how many of my favorite TV shows and cartoons as a kid growing up were "furry." Kissyfur, Shirt Tails, Get Along Gang, etc.. Hell, If you think about it, Anthropomorphic Animals have been a staple of Animation for years.. Just look at Hanna-Barbera, right? Even stuff like TMNT and Bugs Bunny are "Furry."

Another Aspect of my childhood is reflecting on how my childhood loves affecting my personality, fashion sense, and ultimately, my gender identity and sexual preferences and fetishes.. *lol* For example, most close friends know that it was watching "Grease" for the first time around age 12 and the onset of puberty that sparked my love of tight, shiny clothing ala Latex and PVC. "Slutty" Sandy at the end of the movie is literally my first memory of me ever being aroused sexually and trying to figure out just what exactly was going on and what I was feeling. Led to my first sexually charged dream, too, 'cept I didn't know it at the time.

So.. looking back at this childhood influences stuff.. I began to notice themes and trends.. and, for lack of anything better, thought I'd share because it amuses me.

Childhood favorites: Punky Brewster

Penny, Inspector Gadget's Niece:

Daisy Darret from 80's Cartoon Pole Position:

Eleanor Miller of the Chipettes:

Rainbow Brite:

(Noticing a theme yet?) So yeah.. obviously tomboyish, geeky, intelligent, strong spirited girls (with pigtails!) made a big impact on me. I remember watching Inspector Gadget as a kid and wanting Penny's watch-phone and Computer Book.. Now we have cell phones and laptops. Kinda like Star Trek. She was a l33t hacker before l33t hackers really existed. Daisy, while not specifically a geek/l33t hacker, did have a good relationship with Roadie and Wheels, the two futuristic computerized cars in Pole Position. She was also precocious. Punky Brewster is the epitomy of what I call the "ragamuffin" look -- I never came up with a better name, but my layered, tomboy, mismatched style is all because of her. Eleanor -- again with the pigtails, also rocking the chubby girl look.. As much as I love the Geeky, smart, glasses wearing Jeanette, it was -ALWAYS- all about Eleanor for me. As a kid I had a huuuuuge crush on her, mostly because I always saw myself more as Theodore than Simon. Rainbow Brite, maybe not so much with the pigtails, but she still had the spunky attitude and the funky fashion sense with the colors and the layers and the moonboots.. Ahh, 80's moonboots!

And while this isn't 80's, it gets an honorable mention for influencing me during my formidable teenage years:


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