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Well, ladies and gentleman, barring any further mishaps and es-car-pades.. [ profile] sanjikrhys and I will be heading off to GenCon Indy tonight as soon as I get off work. (Or as soon after work as I can finish packing, deposit my paycheck, etc..)

Rach has the day off, so she's being the most-wonderful-wife in the world and doing things like laundry, packing my suitcase, making sure all the travel arrangements are in proper order, etc. She was "lucky" enough to get today and Monday off, (although "off" is a misnomer for today -- I'm sure she'll be busting her ass.) Unfortunately, I could -not- get either day off.. for understandable reasons.

It's hard to grasp the concept that I work in the gaming industry now. I can't get the time off because half the salesmen are already leaving/left for GenCon, and the owner and the salemen are doing "meet and greet" with clients, etc. Part of me worries about bumping into the boss there.. but the other part of me has been wondering just how much I can mention -- I mean, can I tell people, "Oh, I'm the warehouse manager for X Gaming Distributors, INC.?"

[ profile] muskrat_john talks about Days of Wonder's "Ticket to Ride" winning the Diana Jones award yesterday. I'm not surprised because we've been shipping those suckers out like hotcakes for the past 3
weeks or so. As I write this.. *cough*from work*cough* I can see the shelf with the Ticket to Rides on it here from where I sit. It's kind of weird now.

I mean, sheesh -- within the last week and a half, I met Jamie and Renae Chambers of Sovereign Press, those responsible for the Serenity RPG -- I'm going to try and hook up with them at GenCon and see if I can get a GM's pack and run Demo Serenity games for them..

This will be the first real "time off" I've had since I took all my Vacation time before leaving Bacon's.
This will be the first time Rach and I have managed to get out of town since the Honeymoon.
This will be Rachel's first time at GenCon.

I think/hope that this year will be -really- special.
Just send me good car-vibes.. ;)

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