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I got the news today.

Grandma passed today around 12:30.
They started giving her morphineTuesday morning to help ease her pain. Today,
they knew she didn't have much left. They removed her aspirator to change to
another one, and she didn't last the five minutes.

Monday night Rachel and I went up to the hospital to see her after posting here,
knowing it would be my last chance to. I held her hand, and she squeezed it,
and she recognized me. She told me she loved me, and I told her I loved her.
She may not have been the best grandparent in the world, but she did have her
occasional moments of goodness, and I hope that she's in a better place now with no pain.
She left knowing she was loved, and she left loving as much as she could.

The funeral will be Tuesday. I will try and get bereavement time so I can be a pallbearer.
Most of her children are in no condition to do it, and mom's not even sure she'll be able
to find 6 people to do it.

Ironically, Netflix delivered "Harold & Maude" today.

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