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Haven't felt like updating for a while..

It's been an interesting few weeks/weekends.. I'll post other stuff in other threads for separation.

2 Weekends ago, I left straight from work on Saturday to drive up to Kenosha to hang out with [ profile] wooisme and [ profile] stormdog. Saturday night we went to the drive-in theater in Kenosha, and saw Spiderman 3 and Ghost Rider as the ultimate geek double-feature orgasm.

Spiderman wasn't bad, and I wouldn't mind seeing it again to try to pay more attention to it, but Ghost Rider was just cheesy goodness.. I love a movie that doesn't try to take itself too seriously and can just have fun with the fact that yes, it's a superhero movie about a guy riding a motorcycle who's demonic and flamey.

Woke up early on Sunday for the drive out to Gary, IN. Met up with [ profile] posicat and took his van to Gary for urban exploration. We went to an abandoned apartment building, a church, and an old abandoned factory. I'm amazed that Gary is so deserted and derelict.. It's like "Detroit-lite" or like walking around a post-apocalyptic city... or Bordertown. Anyways, I took pics, I'll put most of 'em under a cut.

But first, a group shot of us! (Yes, I look HUGE. I blame the angle.)

And for the rest.. )

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