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2011-03-15 03:59 pm

Moon Phase - This makes sense..

You were born during a New moon

The moon is dark in this phase, because the half that's illuminated by the sun is facing away from Earth.

- what it says about you -

You want to leave an impression on people and make your mark on the world. When you love an idea, you'll work hard for it, sometimes even dropping whatever it is you're doing to go on to the next new great thing that's captured your imagination. The more freedom you have to chose what you're doing, the busier you'll be.

What phase was the moon at on your birthday? Find out at

This makes a lot of sense. I've always felt more "energized" and attuned to the New Moon phase than others (I know a lot of people seem to attune to the Full Moon).. and I've always been the opposite of that. At least now there's a reason why.
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2011-02-22 02:15 am

From Twitter 02-21-2011

  • 01:27:23: Braindumped on LJ tonight. DM me if you're interested in reading & don't already follow it.
  • 01:37:54: Shut up, Eris.
  • 03:41:30: Watching some ST: TOS tonight.. it's like comfort food for me, plus, more George Takei lovin' after today. You have the Conn, Sulu.
  • 03:52:40: Suddenly, watching Sulu play "straight" and GaGa over women in "Mudd's Women" is much more amusing and entertaining. *snerk*
  • 04:27:14: You are hesitant to buy into the philosophy that everything ha... More for Virgo
  • 14:40:21: For those chomping at the #HNBFF bit, this post has a great list of all the previous FAILURES / SCAMS that came before.
  • 17:22:07: debating a new username.
  • 17:31:55: Tired of all this superficiality. If we don't interact, what's the point of following each other?
  • 17:32:11: Cynical Jaded bear is me.
  • 18:00:21: I think I need to quit pretending I have anything in common with a vast majority of people.
  • 19:53:44: I went out to the mailbox twice today checking for Netflix discs & other mail before I realized today's a mail holiday. -_- #fb
  • 22:04:15: Damnit, I forgot to eat enough again. Stupid pseudo-hypoglycemia.

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2011-02-21 02:14 am

From Twitter 02-20-2011

  • 04:47:31: Although you may choose to concentrate on activities that have... More for Virgo
  • 13:58:03: Slept like crap last night. *sigh* But at least I can look forward to seeing Takei today. :) Ohhhhh Myyyy.
  • 14:18:10: Just found out @katebornstein is coming to PSU in March! Gonna have to mark my calendar for that one. :)
  • 14:21:30: I have to promise myself to not be THAT fangirl. I will NOT wear a TOS Yeoman Minidress, I swear. ;)
  • 15:35:14: George Takei lecture :) (@ PSU - Hoffman Hall)
  • 15:53:08: *twitch twitch* MOAR EYECANDY... *dies drooling*
  • 18:22:09: AMAZING.
  • 18:48:52: Got hooked up with a group advocating for trans-inclusive healthcare; go me, making connections :)
  • 19:57:20: Hearing @GeorgeTakei today was inspiring. The word of the day was "STUPID." XD
  • 19:58:59: Also, hearing him tell the "Douchebag" story again, in person - PRICELESS.
  • 20:20:16: Pulling video footage of today's lecture. This'll be interesting.
  • 20:37:57: Yesterday I was a tomboy, today I was butch, tomorrow I'll be femme. Who says I gotta be just one thing all the time?
  • 21:10:24: My mood, she is shifted.
  • 21:35:50: Watching Serenity & craving a Milkshake or Slushee or Ice Cream or something..
  • 22:29:28: RT @JeffAbbott: The makers of Farmville are worth $10 billion and Borders goes into bankruptcy. Seriously, I weep for the future.

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2011-02-20 02:13 am

From Twitter 02-19-2011

  • 00:42:00: *sigh*
  • 00:57:42: RT @theonetruebix: The #HNBFF FAQ just irritates me more. And "we're Browncoats" is not the answer to "who are you". Browncoats have fuc ...
  • 00:59:23: I'm all for Quixotic Underdog Attempts in the name of love, but I've been a Browncoat too long to not be jaded & cynical at pot. scams. :/
  • 01:13:02: Since I find it hard to be femme, I gotta figure out how to be smokin' sexy while tomboy. :P
  • 01:20:41: Maybe I shouldn't be watching girly movies tonight after all, they're making me feel like I don't measure up. :/
  • 01:32:14: Okay, considering my mood tonight? Next Movie: TANK GIRL. RAR.
  • 02:23:27: "Lock up your sons!" *snerk*
  • 04:23:08: You want to get ahead at work, but might not have the patience... More for Virgo
  • 05:45:02: Time for some S3 of Buffy for more Grrlpower Rawrness :D
  • 15:41:48: Tomorrow going to attend a talk by @GeorgeTakei about Human Rights - How awesome is that?
  • 20:24:54: Flash mob! (@ Pioneer Courthouse Square w/ 8 others)
  • 20:51:26: Got tons of video of flash mob at Pioneer Square.. This is gonna be a blast to edit!
  • 21:50:24: Mana took my picture.. #fb
  • 23:26:06: I'm somewhat bemused & surprised that the responses to my picture so far have all been guys. ^_^
  • 23:37:30: Days like today make me so glad I moved to Portland, and why I so totally love it here. :D
  • 23:39:54: 54 minutes of footage I gotta edit down to 15 if I wanna post on Youtube. Wow, this'll be interesting. :D

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2011-02-19 02:14 am

From Twitter 02-18-2011

  • 00:40:16: WOOT! VICTORY IS MINE! :D
  • 00:41:18: Finally managed to neuter my CueCat barcode scanner so it outputs regular unencrypted barcode data. WOOT! Now I can inventory books & DVDs!
  • 01:04:50: Yay, first Joxer episode!
  • 04:24:29: You may not feel the energy of this intense Full Moon until af... More for Virgo
  • 10:19:09: When did ebay become a flea market? I put up my first auctions to sell in years and the first question I get for one is haggling? WTF?
  • 10:34:19: and of course, last tweet gets me botspammed. Fuckers.
  • 10:36:06: Put up a new batch of DVDs on last night, wake up to 5 requests to send. Woot!
  • 10:56:10: RT @PinkBatPrincess: Chuck's Dream: The Princess is updated:
  • 10:59:06: RT @MythBusters: RT @ScienceChannel: #Firefly is coming to @ScienceChannel! Check out @James_Hibberd's exclusive with @NathanFillion htt ...
  • 11:10:30: RT @xandertheblue: oh my god this minecraft ad. I don't play but this is hilarious! XD - @bmontesse
  • 14:49:40: RT @Support: UberTwitter, twidroyd, and UberCurrent have been suspended due to policy violations. Read more here: -WTF?
  • 15:21:23: Falling back to Seesmic for BB since no more UberTwitter. No way I'm going to Official BB client.
  • 15:21:57: Since first tweet after "shutdown" was a blackmail-licious "Want to stay on Twitter Mobile? Use an OFFICIAL CLIENT." Heavy Handed Much?
  • 15:47:27: New boots for costuming acquired today - I feel all Jedi in them. XD
  • 15:54:27: RT @TheSliverParty: RT @PostmodSexgeek Just remember, most of us are only 1 paycheck/accident/bad choice away from being marginalized
  • 17:07:03: RT @gayscifinerds: Nathan Fillion and Firefly's writers are ready continue the show [Blastr]
  • 17:19:30: Wathing Res Evil: Afterlife. Not bad, but does EVERY Zombie movie have to have the "good guy gets bitten & hides it 'til he turns" thing? :(
  • 17:30:44: OK, I know I'll lose my lesbo-cred for this, but Oeded Fehr (Mummy movies) + Res Evil: Afterlife is a sexy man.
  • 18:07:14: Temp elevated (not fever.. yet) but slightly headachey & tired. Gorram it.
  • 22:23:20: *yawn* Just woke up from a nap - did I miss anything? z.Z
  • 23:15:03: Finally writing instead of thinking about writing. Granted, it's just editing/re-working a piece I wrote in 1996, but still..
  • 23:25:11: RT @PinkBatPrincess: Chuck's Dream. The Princess is updated:
  • 23:26:11: Needed some "girly" tonight, watching Devil Wears Prada, one of my favorite guilty "girly" movie pleasures.

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2011-02-18 02:15 am

From Twitter 02-17-2011

  • 02:16:09: OK, Takei is officially the most awesome celebrity twitterer ever - sent me a DM thanking me for following. :D
  • 02:56:14: Picked up the Original 1972 Craven "Last House on the Left" tonight from Bargain Bin.. for .95 - Less than $1.00. Yes.
  • 03:29:37: *lol* I just RicRol'd my bedroom XD
  • 04:22:23: Tensions have been building and something has to give. Even if... More for Virgo
  • 13:59:21: My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Nine Inch Nails (1), Clutch (1) & Orgy (1) #lastfm
  • 20:13:22: via @youtube *mumbles incoherently*
  • 22:02:43: Think my blood sugar's dropping, 'cos I'm suddenly tired beyond belief.

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2011-02-17 02:12 am

From Twitter 02-16-2011

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2011-02-16 02:16 am

From Twitter 02-15-2011

  • 00:54:59: Cheesy movie fun tonight - first off, The Sorcerer's Apprenctice. Nick Cage, 'nuff said. "The Prime Merlinean"?!? WTF? Seriously? *LOL*
  • 01:11:00: Okay, at least there's a Tesla Coil.. and Alfred Molina. This bodes well. :)
  • 01:48:33: Ok, this movie doesn't take itself too seriously. Just upped it's "fun" level a notch. The Star Wars ref was priceless. XD
  • 01:50:35: Oh, and there's the inevitable "Sorcerer's Apprentice" runaway mop scene. *snerk*
  • 02:59:07: Watching a Polish fantasy film that was made in 2001 but looks like a grainy 80's cheese-fest. :)
  • 03:42:41: Yay mood shifts. Angry & upset. Going to bed now to sleep it off before I say anything stupid.
  • 04:13:35: You may have to give up trying to get clarity today, for menta... More for Virgo
  • 04:34:33: Yeeeaah. Fuck it all. I'm done with this.
  • 06:21:22: Beginning to wonder if I should've just stayed home in IL after all.
  • 17:13:27: o/~ I'd rather die than give you control. o/~
  • 17:16:04: I may not have had much of a life before, but I had it and it was mine. Feels like I don't have anything now.
  • 19:55:31: At the clinic.. Hopefully can get my hrt scrips taken care of today.
  • 19:56:48: I'm at Southwest Community center (6820 Southwest 45th Avenue, Portland)
  • 21:49:57: *cries*
  • 22:00:47: Nurse stuck me twice, once in hand - couldn't find a vein.. Hurting bad.
  • 23:16:50: This is why I'm in pain..
  • 23:38:09: Well, for all that I put up with today, at least I got my HRT scrips refilled for a 3 month supply. Guess it was worth it.

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2011-02-15 02:13 am

From Twitter 02-14-2011

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2011-02-14 02:13 am

From Twitter 02-13-2011

  • 04:30:05: You may be trying to get important information from your radio... More for Virgo
  • 05:26:58: This'll be an interesting show this morning.. Not digging this film at all.
  • 06:04:56: Seriously, do I have to finish watching this? *sigh*
  • 06:31:06: Thank God that's over. UGH.
  • 18:59:38: *facepalm* sleep schedule got majorly hosed today which led to me sugar crashing hard when I woke up. Just no… (cont)

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2011-02-13 02:11 am

From Twitter 02-12-2011

  • 04:18:43: A personal relationship may be stressed today, leading you to ... More for Virgo
  • 14:34:01: Can't believe how long my hair's gotten in back.. doesn't feel like it.. :)
  • 16:29:44: Alan Rickman in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves = Professor Snape with a Beard & Moustache. *lol*
  • 19:21:49: Watching Liberty Valance - Weird seeing "Friar Tuck" (Disney Robin Hood) as the Marshal in town.. no mistaking that voice though. :D
  • 23:33:45: Okay.. Mentally active + physically tired.. Or is it the other way around? Shutting down for a while. Think its naptime.
  • 23:52:19: RT @RealLordsOfAcid: Lords of Acid tour kicks off in 24 days! Get your tickets and after show passes at for the only ...
  • 23:54:01: Ooooh, the Lords of Acid are playing PDX 03/04/11 - $17.00 admission. I may just have to go to this. :D

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2011-02-12 02:12 am

From Twitter 02-11-2011

  • 00:18:18: .@SamiiTiger steampunkable Civil War-style Airsoft Revolver $6.99 - hell yeah!
  • 04:20:03: Your boss may rely on you to come up with a solution that requ... More for Virgo
  • 16:11:41: Okay, seriously displeased now.
  • 16:12:31: RT @Nerdy_McF1y: #MovieTrivia @Netflix What is the name of Quints boat in Jaws? // That would be the Orca
  • 16:14:51: Oh goody, now I've been billed $80 ($40x2) by a web store who's page was so broken it never completed the order. BANK BITCH MODE ON.
  • 16:17:31: RT @PinkBatPrincess: Meet Irma's Moms in today's Princess #trans #webcomic #lgbt #lesbian
  • 16:24:01: Okay, if you're publishing 2 different magazines? Having an Answering Machine for your only phone # contact? Not even a Secretary? LAME.
  • 16:31:36: Should've figured they're a grabass operation.
  • 22:03:12: Goodwill find of the day.. Vintage Bear Cub 40# recurve bow 50% off 20.00 - $10.00 total.. Fantasy film ahoy!
  • 23:43:43: D'oh, it's not a recurve I bought, it's a longbow it looks like. Oh noes! *snerk*
  • 23:48:36: This looks to be exactly like the bow I bought today - - $129.00 on Ebay.

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2011-02-11 02:18 am

From Twitter 02-10-2011

  • 02:37:06: Just got a 503 error on Sourceforge that gave me a "Guru Meditation" Error. Ahh, takes me back to my Amiga days. Brings a smile to me.
  • 04:19:22: You are in an efficient mode of operation today, so don't be a... More for Virgo
  • 04:45:15: RT @justine_hay: RT @guardiantech: Twitter 'in early talks with potential buyers Facebook and Google' // AWWWWWW CRAP.
  • 11:27:19: My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Johnny Cash (1), Giuseppe Verdi (1) & Cherrie Blue (1) #lastfm
  • 13:56:28: Seems like I got the estrogen back into my system quickly - feeling much better today. Now to just stay that way. :) #fb
  • 14:07:27: I am being slowly convinced to try my hand writing my own erotic lesbian f/tg fiction since I can't seem to find any of my own. Hrmm.
  • 14:31:53: All this talk of *writing* keeps getting me botspammed. Yay Twitter!
  • 14:43:15: I think I need a new office chair.
  • 14:45:35: Or I just needed to figure out how to adjust the silly thing properly. *facepalm*
  • 18:03:15: X-Men: First Class - Official Trailer via @youtube - A SuperHero movie I actually want to see!!
  • 18:22:54: I'm amazed at how many "Geocities" links I still come across on the Intarwebs..
  • 21:36:31: Just turned a LOTRO kin member who's a film geek on to @GoF_Radio , @palvr @NOTLP @BrotherD @ggtmc & @otcnation *lol* XD

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2011-02-10 02:12 am

From Twitter 02-09-2011

  • 00:35:54: o/~ Come what may.. I will love you until my dying day.. o/~ #fb
  • 03:58:15: o/~ Children of the sun, see your time has just begun, searching for your ways through adventures every day.. search for the Cities of Gold.
  • 04:21:43: You might become obsessed today with expressing yourself in a ... More for Virgo
  • 14:48:46: And I wake up to things trying to annoy the crap out of me. Yay.
  • 15:01:39: My day just got infinitely better thanks to the mail. Thanks again, @carlamatic ! *hugs* :)
  • 15:23:33: RT @auntysarah: I want one -> RT @zoeimogen: How about this for an IPv6 ::1/128 T-Shirt design? // @bmontesse :D
  • 15:35:46: anybody know of an art site like DevArt / FA that focuses on fantasy art like the Hildebrandts, Royo, etc? (Sword & Sorcery stuff?)
  • 16:07:05: RT @PinkBatPrincess: Today's is a touchy Eve's Apple #trans #webcomic
  • 16:16:47: RT @pdxyar: Did you know there are 38 episodes of old time pirating glory on Hulu free? I give you The Buccaneers- #fb
  • 16:25:23: Kneel before his kitchen! via @youtube
  • 17:03:22: *beats head on desk*
  • 17:58:42: on #deviantart - The harsh reality for transwomen, I'm sure we've all had this moment. Something to think about. #fb
  • 18:44:10: Having an "I'm fat and dumpy and unattractive" day. Yay wacky hormones.
  • 19:48:29: Can tell I'm depressed because I'm not even interested in eating even though my stomach's growling hungry. #fb
  • 20:07:52: Oh, and Depression is now mixing with Crotchety Catty Bitch Sabrina. I'm gonna be a ball of fun to be around tonight. >)
  • 20:08:09: I've turned into the evil Anti-Barbie.

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2011-02-09 02:11 am

From Twitter 02-08-2011

  • 03:35:56: Had another asthma attack in the bathtub, inhalers not helping, Mana's taking me to the ER. #fb
  • 04:16:40: If you are considering a joint venture, this is an ideal time ... More for Virgo
  • 05:52:03: Out of ER. Wasn't pneumonia. Gave me a megadose albuterol nebulizer treatment + xrays. Got scrips for antibiotics + steroids + inhaler. #fb
  • 06:05:09: Home now. Gonna eat something & pass out and hopefully sleep better than I have in months.
  • 14:40:56: Okay, I can still breathe after waking up. Scary that it's a huge relief to be able to take a deep breath.
  • 14:46:58: Through it all, I'm so grateful & happy that my people here in PDX truly love & care about me.
  • 21:21:16: RT @PinkBatPrincess: Sexy bootilicious pencil drawing of Eve #sexy #fat #trans
  • 21:22:06: Wearing pigtails for the first time in a while to feel femme & tomboy at the same time..
  • 21:50:40: .@browncoatsmovie pigtails as requested..
  • 22:28:58: Okay, seriously, there's no reason why I should get timeout errors from a magazine's storefront when I try to subscribe. Grrrr.
  • 22:29:23: Also don't appreciate multiple authorizations on my debit card locking funds for an incomplete order.
  • 23:30:48: Picked up Moulin Rouge, Harryhausen Jason & Argonauts, & Creeping Flesh (Peter Cushing) on sale at Fred Meyers today.. small pleasures.
  • 23:31:24: Annoyed that USPS lost my 2 disc special ed Moulin Rouge.. still haven't replaced it. Just picked up the cheap 1 disc edition.

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2011-02-08 02:12 am

From Twitter 02-07-2011

  • 04:16:27: You may be more lighthearted now, but only if you are already ... More for Virgo
  • 06:16:20: Apparently Netflix updated their GUI for the PS3. Completely threw me off. Not sure I like it yet. :/
  • 06:18:25: Also, heartburn / congestion mean I can't sleep. *sigh* another all-nighter then.
  • 06:41:20: Since I can't sleep, I'm researching film stuff. So many indie theaters and film fests and film schools here. *drools* #fb
  • 07:40:05: Okay, gonna try to pass out and get a few hours sleep. Sleep schedule's still FUBAR anyways. #fb
  • 14:05:07: been feeling blah the last few days.. feeling too tomboyish and unattractive. Oh well, life goes on.
  • 14:13:54: I want to dye my hair again. I miss having cool hair & apparently it's OK for most jobs here in PDX.

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2011-02-07 02:12 am

From Twitter 02-06-2011

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2011-02-06 02:11 am

From Twitter 02-05-2011

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2011-02-05 02:11 am

From Twitter 02-04-2011

  • 00:17:52: Are DVD houses just using the same FBI warning graphics from old VHS tapes? Amazed at how crappy they are on DVDs and Blus.. *lol*
  • 00:19:33: Dude, Helen Mirren was totally hot as Morgana in Excalibur.. had no idea that was her.
  • 04:30:08: You are motivated to get a lot done at work today with the Sun... More for Virgo
  • 16:01:46: Been on a total epic high fantasy kick lately. Feels like I've exhausted the DVD possibilities though w/out delving into B-Shlock.

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2011-02-04 02:14 am

From Twitter 02-03-2011

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