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  • 01:27:23: Braindumped on LJ tonight. DM me if you're interested in reading & don't already follow it.
  • 01:37:54: Shut up, Eris.
  • 03:41:30: Watching some ST: TOS tonight.. it's like comfort food for me, plus, more George Takei lovin' after today. You have the Conn, Sulu.
  • 03:52:40: Suddenly, watching Sulu play "straight" and GaGa over women in "Mudd's Women" is much more amusing and entertaining. *snerk*
  • 04:27:14: You are hesitant to buy into the philosophy that everything ha... More for Virgo
  • 14:40:21: For those chomping at the #HNBFF bit, this post has a great list of all the previous FAILURES / SCAMS that came before.
  • 17:22:07: debating a new username.
  • 17:31:55: Tired of all this superficiality. If we don't interact, what's the point of following each other?
  • 17:32:11: Cynical Jaded bear is me.
  • 18:00:21: I think I need to quit pretending I have anything in common with a vast majority of people.
  • 19:53:44: I went out to the mailbox twice today checking for Netflix discs & other mail before I realized today's a mail holiday. -_- #fb
  • 22:04:15: Damnit, I forgot to eat enough again. Stupid pseudo-hypoglycemia.

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