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  • 00:42:00: *sigh*
  • 00:57:42: RT @theonetruebix: The #HNBFF FAQ just irritates me more. And "we're Browncoats" is not the answer to "who are you". Browncoats have fuc ...
  • 00:59:23: I'm all for Quixotic Underdog Attempts in the name of love, but I've been a Browncoat too long to not be jaded & cynical at pot. scams. :/
  • 01:13:02: Since I find it hard to be femme, I gotta figure out how to be smokin' sexy while tomboy. :P
  • 01:20:41: Maybe I shouldn't be watching girly movies tonight after all, they're making me feel like I don't measure up. :/
  • 01:32:14: Okay, considering my mood tonight? Next Movie: TANK GIRL. RAR.
  • 02:23:27: "Lock up your sons!" *snerk*
  • 04:23:08: You want to get ahead at work, but might not have the patience... More for Virgo
  • 05:45:02: Time for some S3 of Buffy for more Grrlpower Rawrness :D
  • 15:41:48: Tomorrow going to attend a talk by @GeorgeTakei about Human Rights - How awesome is that?
  • 20:24:54: Flash mob! (@ Pioneer Courthouse Square w/ 8 others)
  • 20:51:26: Got tons of video of flash mob at Pioneer Square.. This is gonna be a blast to edit!
  • 21:50:24: Mana took my picture.. #fb
  • 23:26:06: I'm somewhat bemused & surprised that the responses to my picture so far have all been guys. ^_^
  • 23:37:30: Days like today make me so glad I moved to Portland, and why I so totally love it here. :D
  • 23:39:54: 54 minutes of footage I gotta edit down to 15 if I wanna post on Youtube. Wow, this'll be interesting. :D

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