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  • 00:40:16: WOOT! VICTORY IS MINE! :D
  • 00:41:18: Finally managed to neuter my CueCat barcode scanner so it outputs regular unencrypted barcode data. WOOT! Now I can inventory books & DVDs!
  • 01:04:50: Yay, first Joxer episode!
  • 04:24:29: You may not feel the energy of this intense Full Moon until af... More for Virgo
  • 10:19:09: When did ebay become a flea market? I put up my first auctions to sell in years and the first question I get for one is haggling? WTF?
  • 10:34:19: and of course, last tweet gets me botspammed. Fuckers.
  • 10:36:06: Put up a new batch of DVDs on last night, wake up to 5 requests to send. Woot!
  • 10:56:10: RT @PinkBatPrincess: Chuck's Dream: The Princess is updated:
  • 10:59:06: RT @MythBusters: RT @ScienceChannel: #Firefly is coming to @ScienceChannel! Check out @James_Hibberd's exclusive with @NathanFillion htt ...
  • 11:10:30: RT @xandertheblue: oh my god this minecraft ad. I don't play but this is hilarious! XD - @bmontesse
  • 14:49:40: RT @Support: UberTwitter, twidroyd, and UberCurrent have been suspended due to policy violations. Read more here: -WTF?
  • 15:21:23: Falling back to Seesmic for BB since no more UberTwitter. No way I'm going to Official BB client.
  • 15:21:57: Since first tweet after "shutdown" was a blackmail-licious "Want to stay on Twitter Mobile? Use an OFFICIAL CLIENT." Heavy Handed Much?
  • 15:47:27: New boots for costuming acquired today - I feel all Jedi in them. XD
  • 15:54:27: RT @TheSliverParty: RT @PostmodSexgeek Just remember, most of us are only 1 paycheck/accident/bad choice away from being marginalized
  • 17:07:03: RT @gayscifinerds: Nathan Fillion and Firefly's writers are ready continue the show [Blastr]
  • 17:19:30: Wathing Res Evil: Afterlife. Not bad, but does EVERY Zombie movie have to have the "good guy gets bitten & hides it 'til he turns" thing? :(
  • 17:30:44: OK, I know I'll lose my lesbo-cred for this, but Oeded Fehr (Mummy movies) + Res Evil: Afterlife is a sexy man.
  • 18:07:14: Temp elevated (not fever.. yet) but slightly headachey & tired. Gorram it.
  • 22:23:20: *yawn* Just woke up from a nap - did I miss anything? z.Z
  • 23:15:03: Finally writing instead of thinking about writing. Granted, it's just editing/re-working a piece I wrote in 1996, but still..
  • 23:25:11: RT @PinkBatPrincess: Chuck's Dream. The Princess is updated:
  • 23:26:11: Needed some "girly" tonight, watching Devil Wears Prada, one of my favorite guilty "girly" movie pleasures.

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Oeded Fehr - Yeah, he's hot. So is the guy from 10 Things.

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