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  • 00:18:18: .@SamiiTiger steampunkable Civil War-style Airsoft Revolver $6.99 - hell yeah!
  • 04:20:03: Your boss may rely on you to come up with a solution that requ... More for Virgo
  • 16:11:41: Okay, seriously displeased now.
  • 16:12:31: RT @Nerdy_McF1y: #MovieTrivia @Netflix What is the name of Quints boat in Jaws? // That would be the Orca
  • 16:14:51: Oh goody, now I've been billed $80 ($40x2) by a web store who's page was so broken it never completed the order. BANK BITCH MODE ON.
  • 16:17:31: RT @PinkBatPrincess: Meet Irma's Moms in today's Princess #trans #webcomic #lgbt #lesbian
  • 16:24:01: Okay, if you're publishing 2 different magazines? Having an Answering Machine for your only phone # contact? Not even a Secretary? LAME.
  • 16:31:36: Should've figured they're a grabass operation.
  • 22:03:12: Goodwill find of the day.. Vintage Bear Cub 40# recurve bow 50% off 20.00 - $10.00 total.. Fantasy film ahoy!
  • 23:43:43: D'oh, it's not a recurve I bought, it's a longbow it looks like. Oh noes! *snerk*
  • 23:48:36: This looks to be exactly like the bow I bought today - - $129.00 on Ebay.

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