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  • 03:35:56: Had another asthma attack in the bathtub, inhalers not helping, Mana's taking me to the ER. #fb
  • 04:16:40: If you are considering a joint venture, this is an ideal time ... More for Virgo
  • 05:52:03: Out of ER. Wasn't pneumonia. Gave me a megadose albuterol nebulizer treatment + xrays. Got scrips for antibiotics + steroids + inhaler. #fb
  • 06:05:09: Home now. Gonna eat something & pass out and hopefully sleep better than I have in months.
  • 14:40:56: Okay, I can still breathe after waking up. Scary that it's a huge relief to be able to take a deep breath.
  • 14:46:58: Through it all, I'm so grateful & happy that my people here in PDX truly love & care about me.
  • 21:21:16: RT @PinkBatPrincess: Sexy bootilicious pencil drawing of Eve #sexy #fat #trans
  • 21:22:06: Wearing pigtails for the first time in a while to feel femme & tomboy at the same time..
  • 21:50:40: .@browncoatsmovie pigtails as requested..
  • 22:28:58: Okay, seriously, there's no reason why I should get timeout errors from a magazine's storefront when I try to subscribe. Grrrr.
  • 22:29:23: Also don't appreciate multiple authorizations on my debit card locking funds for an incomplete order.
  • 23:30:48: Picked up Moulin Rouge, Harryhausen Jason & Argonauts, & Creeping Flesh (Peter Cushing) on sale at Fred Meyers today.. small pleasures.
  • 23:31:24: Annoyed that USPS lost my 2 disc special ed Moulin Rouge.. still haven't replaced it. Just picked up the cheap 1 disc edition.

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