Feb. 21st, 2011

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  • 04:47:31: Although you may choose to concentrate on activities that have... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 13:58:03: Slept like crap last night. *sigh* But at least I can look forward to seeing Takei today. :) Ohhhhh Myyyy.
  • 14:18:10: Just found out @katebornstein is coming to PSU in March! Gonna have to mark my calendar for that one. :)
  • 14:21:30: I have to promise myself to not be THAT fangirl. I will NOT wear a TOS Yeoman Minidress, I swear. ;)
  • 15:35:14: George Takei lecture :) (@ PSU - Hoffman Hall) http://4sq.com/e20bl7
  • 15:53:08: *twitch twitch* MOAR EYECANDY... *dies drooling*
  • 18:22:09: AMAZING.
  • 18:48:52: Got hooked up with a group advocating for trans-inclusive healthcare; go me, making connections :)
  • 19:57:20: Hearing @GeorgeTakei today was inspiring. The word of the day was "STUPID." XD
  • 19:58:59: Also, hearing him tell the "Douchebag" story again, in person - PRICELESS.
  • 20:20:16: Pulling video footage of today's lecture. This'll be interesting.
  • 20:37:57: Yesterday I was a tomboy, today I was butch, tomorrow I'll be femme. Who says I gotta be just one thing all the time?
  • 21:10:24: My mood, she is shifted.
  • 21:35:50: Watching Serenity & craving a Milkshake or Slushee or Ice Cream or something..
  • 22:29:28: RT @JeffAbbott: The makers of Farmville are worth $10 billion and Borders goes into bankruptcy. Seriously, I weep for the future.

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