Feb. 10th, 2011

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  • 00:35:54: o/~ Come what may.. I will love you until my dying day.. o/~ #fb
  • 03:58:15: o/~ Children of the sun, see your time has just begun, searching for your ways through adventures every day.. search for the Cities of Gold.
  • 04:21:43: You might become obsessed today with expressing yourself in a ... More for Virgo http://twittascope.com/?sign=6
  • 14:48:46: And I wake up to things trying to annoy the crap out of me. Yay.
  • 15:01:39: My day just got infinitely better thanks to the mail. Thanks again, @carlamatic ! *hugs* :)
  • 15:23:33: RT @auntysarah: I want one -> RT @zoeimogen: How about this for an IPv6 ::1/128 T-Shirt design? http://yfrog.com/h4xqfp // @bmontesse :D
  • 15:35:46: anybody know of an art site like DevArt / FA that focuses on fantasy art like the Hildebrandts, Royo, etc? (Sword & Sorcery stuff?)
  • 16:07:05: RT @PinkBatPrincess: Today's is a touchy Eve's Apple http://bit.ly/ESGbh #trans #webcomic
  • 16:16:47: RT @pdxyar: Did you know there are 38 episodes of old time pirating glory on Hulu free? I give you The Buccaneers- http://bit.ly/id6jWY #fb
  • 16:25:23: Kneel before Zod...in his kitchen! http://t.co/SZSvoiD via @youtube
  • 17:03:22: *beats head on desk*
  • 17:58:42: http://fav.me/d328edt on #deviantart - The harsh reality for transwomen, I'm sure we've all had this moment. Something to think about. #fb
  • 18:44:10: Having an "I'm fat and dumpy and unattractive" day. Yay wacky hormones.
  • 19:48:29: Can tell I'm depressed because I'm not even interested in eating even though my stomach's growling hungry. #fb
  • 20:07:52: Oh, and Depression is now mixing with Crotchety Catty Bitch Sabrina. I'm gonna be a ball of fun to be around tonight. >)
  • 20:08:09: I've turned into the evil Anti-Barbie.

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